Josh Stovall

Passionate about creating new possibilities in music and art through technology.

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2021 Twitter Sentiment Analysis Web App built with Google Earth Engine API
2021 Twitter Sentiment Analysis Analyze markets using Twitter and JavaScript
2021 HighOctane.Pictures Film agency website created with LAMP stack
2020 Solfege to MIDI App created with TensorFlow and MediaPipe
2020 Instrument Bible Web App A virtual fingering chart web app
2020 Oscilloscope.js WebAudio Oscilloscope WebAudio visualization library
2020 JavaScript Staff.js Music Notation JavaScript library to display music notation
2020 MaxMSP Neural Network Study A study of neural networks in MaxMSP
2019 MaxMSP VR Finger Drums Leap Motion Experiment
2019 Vocal Cords: The OG Synth Analysis of Meredith Monk's Dolmen Music
2019 MaxMSP Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 MIDI Controller Interface created in MaxMSP
2019 Mercury Audio Recording & Production
2018 MaxMSP Pitch Training Desktop app to teach music theory
2018 Granular Synthesis: An Overview Acoustics Research Paper
2018 Wiimote Pendulum Performance Interactive media performance created in MaxMSP
2020 Sampler.js WebAudio Sampler An audio sampler created with WebAudio
2018 MaxMSP Woodwind Fingerings Virtual Fingering Chart
2018 MaxMSP Waveform Analyzer Tone Generator & Visualizer
2013 - 2019 Band & Percussion Arranging
2018 MaxMSP General MIDI Sequencer MIDI Drum Sequencer
2018 Audio Recording & Production
2018 Video Recording & Production
2018 Distribute MaxMSP applications on the Mac App Store
2018 MIDI Controller Interface
2018 A series of tutorials for Apple's MainStage
2017 - 2020 MIDI Mockups & Sound Design
2016 Music History Research