Last Updated: November 2nd, 2022


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Lead Software Engineer

Multus Medical Feb 2022 – Present

Multus Medical specializes in creating anatomically accurate, patient-specific, 3D MRI Demonstration Renderings & Surgical Animation Videos. Multus does this by using patented technology to 'stack'​ the highly detailed, thin slice, cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create a 3-Dimensional digital model of the desired anatomy. I develop and maintain the Multus software infrastructure written in C++, Python, and Javascript.

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Full Stack Web Developer

High Octane Pictures Mar 2021 – Feb 2022

High Octane Pictures is a film agency and distributor. I developed their website and internal company intranet. I created a SQL database for their films, a consumer facing website, a film catalog for our global distribution partners, custom software solutions to automate the creation of metadata files for submission to streaming platforms (Roku, Tubi, Redbox, Vudu, etc.), and software to automate livestreams on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

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IT Coordinator and Developer

Delivery Minds LLC Mar 2021 – Feb 2022

Delivery Minds is a media management and post-production company. I developed their internal software using React.js, which is used by the team to fulfill deliveries and manage media assets.

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Founder & CEO

Instrument Bible LLC Jan 2018 – Mar 2021

Instrument Bible is software to push the boundaries of what is possible in music education. In December 2019, I created a Kickstarter campaign to officially launch the project. I exhibited at the 2019 Midwest Clinic and 2020 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show. The app features a tuner, metronome, MIDI player, and is localized to over 30 languages.

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Sound Engineer

Corona del Sol High School Jul 2015 – Present

I teach percussion classes, arrange music, and manage sound design and amplification for the marching band. I also enjoy creating videos and recordings from the performances. As the marching band's sound designer, I have created many soundscapes/mockups including Above & Below (2017), A Thousand Cranes (2018), and Rattler (2019).

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SEO Strategist

Boom Percussion Aug 2019 – Oct 2019

BOOM! is a Full Time Corporate Arts Entertainment Company established in 2008. They feature many performing groups including LED Drumline, Marching Band, LED Trashcan Percussion, Brass Band, and Samba Band. I created and implemented a SEO strategy for the company's Wordpress website, and ever since their web traffic has been booming.

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Percussion Teacher

Skyline High School Aug 2014 – Dec 2018

I taught the Skyline Indoor WGI Ensemble in 2014 and taught the marching band front ensemble in fall 2018. Arranged original WGI percussion show Beyond (2014) and marching band show Retrograde (2015) with my colleague Luke Vogt.

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Sound Technician

Vision Percussion Aug 2017 – Dec 2019

Vision Percussion is a competitive percussion ensemble, participating in events hosted locally by the Winter Guard Arizona (WGAZ) and nationally by Winter Guard International (WGI) Sport of the Arts. From January to April the ensemble competes against other indoor percussion ensembles. At Vision, my role was to teach the front ensemble alongside my colleague Thomas Buchanan, along with managing the ensemble's electronic sound design in Apple's MainStage software.

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Music Arranger

Perry High School Jul 2014 – Jan 2017

I taught the front ensemble and arranged music. This was my first professional experience teaching and arranging music. During my time at Perry, I composed 3 WGI Percussion shows for the Indoor Percussion Ensemble, 3 front ensemble books, and 1 full marching band show for the Puma Regiment Marching Band. Shows included Machine Revolution (2014), Hypnosis (2014), Glassworks (2015), Film Noir (2015), and One Man's Trash (2016).

Projects Screenshot

A deep learning model built to detect hand symbols and translate them into musical notes. We have developed a system that allows the user to 'play' solfege hand signs as a MIDI instrument. This technology could have practical applications both in music education and creation.

Solfege hand signs are often used in school choirs to teach music theory concepts. Since vocalists cannot actually see the notes on their instrument, hand signs have been developed as a teaching aid. This system allows students to play the hand signs as an instrument -- recieving auditory feedback. Previously, a student learning solfege would have to sing the note or play another instrument to 'hear' their hand signs.
Instrument Bible Hero is a virtual fingering chart for brass, woodwind, and string instruments. It's a mobile music education app designed to help musicians create, practice, and learn instruments. It features a variety of musical tools including a tuner, metronome, MIDI player, oscilloscope, and multimedia recorder. It's accessible – free, cross-platform, and localized for over 30 languages.

This project was inspired by my frustrations using traditional (paper) fingering charts in the instrument method classes while studying Music Education at Arizona State University. My goal was to re-invent the fingering chart for the 21st century. I created the project from start to finish, learning a great deal about coding while applying the lessons I've learned throughout my life playing musical instruments.


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Arizona State University

Herberger Institute School of Music

I studied music technology at Arizona State University (ASU). I studied with many professors including JB Smith, Garth Paine, Shaun Tilburg, Seth Thorn, Christopher Norby, Roger Mantie, Jacob Adler, and Dom Moio. At ASU, I was a member of many ensembles including the Percussion Studio, Contemporary Percussion Ensemble, Pan Devils Steel Drum Band, ASU Symphony Orchestra, ASU Wind Orchestra.

Arizona State University Logo

Rio Salado College

2014 – 2018

Classes taken: Biology Concepts, Environmental Biology, Precalculus, Brief Calculus, Math Analysis for Business, General Humanities, Contemporary Humanities, Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Technical/Professional Writing, and Introduction to Literature.


Granular Synthesis: An Overview

December 21st 2018 Read Article


  • Musical Acoustics
  • Sound Synthesis

A research paper exploring the history of granular synthesis, and the evolution of the technologies that enable it. This article provides an overview of the pioneers of granular synthesis, and the methods used to realize the various synthesis techniques.

Vocal Cords: The OG Synth

April 11th 2019 Read Article


  • Audio Synthesis
  • Music Theory

Analysis of Meredith Monk's Dolmen Music in which the human voice is compared to a synthesizer. Monk's music paves new ground, using the human voice as a timbral instrument – liberated from language.

Max Standalone in the Mac App Store

October 20th 2018 Read Article


A step-by-step guide demonstrating how to publish a MaxMSP standalone application on the Mac App Store for distribution. I wrote this article for the Max programing community, and it is available for free on the Cycling 74 online user forum.

Scorewriter Software: Music’s Modern-day Printing Press

November 30th 2016 Read Article


  • Music History
  • Music Notation

An exploration of how Renaissance technologies shaped the world of music — specifically the invention of the printing press and the advent of music printing. This article outlines the various publishing technologies that continue to transform the landscape of music distribution.